Checkered Heart Quilt Step By Step


These most successful blankets for decorating cold season rooms are accommodated on the beds in many different ways. The quilts can match any bedding and decoration due to the variety of colors present in it. You will revamp your room decor or earn a lot of money by learning how to make Checkered Heart Quilt today. Use all the fabrics you keep in your home.


There are endless possibilities in the combination of fabrics and combination of fabric cutouts, as you can make a quilt from the simplest and basic, with comics of fabric, to quilt with more elaborate look.

Free Step By Step By: ellisandhiggs


The Checkered Heart Quilt contains of each 8 orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue, turquoise and green 6″ blocks, which makes a total of 56.

I’ve used different scraps from my stash for the single blocks. However, if you’d like to make each 8 blocks from two prints, you’ll need approx:


  • 2 Fat Eighths print fabric (1 dark Fat Eighth and 1 light Fat Eighth) which makes 14 Fat Eighths for 56 blocks
  • 2/3 yard solid white background fabric for 56 blocks

Please refer to the patterns for any further details and instructions.


Each of the different block sizes are very easy to sew. I’ve used the Strip Piecing Technique for the checkered center and the Easy Corner Triangle Method to create the heart shape.

When it comes to quickly piece your blocks and not mix them up when assembling your rows, chain piecing is key!

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