Christmas Table Runner Patterns


The crochet table runner is a decor item that you can make yourself, just choose a crochet table runner model and follow the pattern.


Crochet is almost therapeutic. It develops concentration, relaxes and can even go from being a hobby to being an extra source of money. You can crochet a thousand things, but if there’s one that is especially charming, it’s the table runner. The most classic models can be made using fine threads, which give a lacy look to the piece. That’s why the most used colors are white and beige. But nothing prevents you from making a very colorful table runner.

The crochet table runner has completed the decoration of the houses for a long time, as well as the crochet bag. It is present from the simplest to the most luxurious houses. It is an item that makes the atmosphere cozy and charming for those who receive visits and for the residents of the residences. The dining table has always been a key feature of the dining room, but the decor with table runners is not restricted to this room.

The detailed crochet table runner can be in other environments besides the dinning room and kitchen, as in the chests of drawers in the master bedroom. It makes the environment even more romantic and delicate. It can also be in the living room or in the lobby on a sideboard. Maybe above a buffet, making for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Crochet flowers are great bets for decorating crochet table runners, as they create a raised point in the piece and add a more delicate touch. You can make the table runner with the red and white color duo in the flowers part. You can have a green detail that represents the leaves, giving an extra color point to the path.

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Crochet Table Runners and Their Shapes

Classic crochet table runners are rectangular ones that are extended across the entire table. There are several other shapes of paths that have become very common, such as square, circular, oval and diamond shape. The charm of table runners is precisely their shapes that do not cover the entire table. How about bringing the Christmas spirit with a special table runner? You can put Santa Noel’s face on the ends of the piece or a snowmen. You can also use the characteristic colors occasion.

There are many different ways to make a crochet table runner, just give it a different look and get inspired by a few models to pot artificial flower pots on top. From the most romantic and delicate to the most rustic and heavy. You may prefer very fine lines or thicker strings.

Christmas Table Runner

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