Elements Cal Crochet – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! It’s always great to see you here. We seek to bring you the manual crafts you like the most, new patterns for you to practice and expand your options. Nothing better than a beautiful crochet pattern to start the week, right? This manual craft is very versatile and allows us to create the most different pieces, for decoration, clothing and great gift options.


Elements Cal is a beautiful crochet square that you can use to make a perfect and very cozy blanket. Crochet blankets are fluffy, soft and warm, perfect for enjoying the coldest days. Beautiful gift option for dear friends and family. These manual pieces convey all the affection and time that we dedicated to making that person feel special.

You will see that, in addition to using this pattern for a blanket, you can use it in other pieces, such as a beautiful centerpiece. The colors of yarns are many and look beautiful in many different environments. You can choose the color according to the decoration of the environment, the colors that are already present.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: It’s all in a nutshell

Another option is to see the yarn options available at craft stores. In the beginning, it is common to be a little insecure with the combinations. With time and practice, your creativity will increase and you will make beautiful combinations. If they are pieces to decorate the environment, take the opportunity to explore photos of home decorations, you will have beautiful ideas.


The elements cal pattern is available in It’s all in a Nutshell. In addition to the description of the rounds, you can see the video tutorial, which will guide you and you can check if everything is ok. We hope you like it and use this pattern to make beautiful pieces. Let’s make this a beautiful week? Full of crafts, creativity and joy!