Beyond the Granny Crochet – Free Pattern


Hello my friends! Another week starting and we are full of beautiful ideas to bring here for you. It’s always a great pleasure to see you here and to know that when you want a new pattern, this is where you’ll find it. Today we are going to crochet, we are going to learn Beyond the Granny.


These patterns are square and are very versatile, you can make blankets, table runners, centerpieces. Many beautiful pieces can emerge from this pattern, I’m sure that by putting your creativity into action, many ideas will emerge. It’s not a difficult pattern and if you’re new to crochet, this is the perfect pattern for you.

The coolest thing is being able to play with colors, you can make a square all colored, each row a color. You can choose the same color in different shades and make a beautiful gradient. If you don’t want to make it difficult, it looks great in one color too. The most important thing is that you enjoy this moment, put on a song that inspires you and start crocheting.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Designs by Shelley Husband

Crochet is a very versatile, inexpensive craft that gives us pieces that last a long time. The materials are basic, easy to find and they also don’t cost much. Also, once you buy the crochet hook, it lasts for a long time. So the item you will most need to buy and replace is the yarn you choose. To make the beyond the granny, we separated the pattern available at Crochet Designs by Shelley Husband.


Read the entire pattern before starting to crochet, it helps you to have no doubts during the process. We hope you can make the most of this pattern, create new pieces to sell, gift or decorate your home. Don’t forget to let us know how it went in the comments, we’re always looking forward to hearing what you think too. Let’s start crocheting!