Rhapsody in Green Quilt


Rhapsody in Green Quilt a very easy and beautiful job that results in this beautiful bedspread to take advantage of the coldest season that is already coming, isn’t it?


With the arrival of the cold climate, nothing better than making beautiful warm quilts of various colors to sleep on your bed, on the sofa or enjoy in the afternoon having a nice tea and eating goodies while watching a movie.

Rhapsody in Green Quilt is the darling and indispensable when composing your home decor and also when it is time to get warm in winter. So let’s learn how to make this beautiful piece in today’s post.

The quilt technique leaves your work smooth and adds a touch of elegance to your new piece. With some knowledge and separate material, it will be simple to make this beautiful quilt.


And surely this piece made with care can compose the list of novelties in quilt to present to your customers that they will love and order for this winter. Take care and pay close attention to the explanatory video and tips, because it will be easy to make this quilt with ease.

Rhapsody in Green Quilt very simple and delicate, this beautiful blanket is easy to make and can quickly be ready. So the child can have another beautiful quilt piece at your disposal. Thank you for visiting our website.

We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? Enjoy making this beautiful piece for the winter, bedspread is never too much! So your house is beautifully decorated and you always remain very warm.

Pattern By: Darlene Zimmerman

Pattern status: Free

Free Pattern Available: Rhapsody in Green Quilt