Ripple Point – Free Crochet Pattern


Hello my loves! We are very happy to see you here again and to be able to bring you another crochet pattern to expand your ideas and make new pieces. There are many crochet stitches that we can learn and with that, many pieces can be made. The Ripple Point is a classic that can be used in the most varied pieces.


Like crochet, most stitches are versatile as well, but they all have specific characteristics. This point is more open, being more suitable for summer clothes and warmer days. You can use it in blankets and scarves. Always keep in mind the piece you are going to make before choosing yarn.

For warmer days, lighter yarns and for cooler days, wools are a great choice. After choosing yarn, if the piece is for decoration of an environment, see if the colors match. At this point you can play with colors, use your creativity to mix different colors, different shades. If you’re still not sure what to do, practice the stitch first. See how it will look and imagine what you can do. Crochet allows us to make mistakes, undo and try again.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Loves

That’s why it’s a manual craft so dear to many artisans. You can use a piece of yarn left over from another project and practice the stitch. Just like any other hobby or profession, it takes practice and dedication. To learn ripple point, the video tutorial and diagram is available at Crochet Loves.


With the video you can follow along while you do the stitch and check if everything is right. We hope that this point will encourage you to make beautiful pieces and sharpen your creativity to continue creating. We are here to support each other and encourage you to continue with our work, which is so beautiful. Feel very proud of everything you do.