Waffle Stitch – Crochet Free Pattern


Hi my darlings! Today we are going to learn another stitch of this incredible technique that is crochet. This technique is very versatile. Part of that is because of the variation of stitches we can make to assemble different pieces. With crochet we can make beautiful clothes for adults and babies, rugs to decorate the house, items to decorate the kitchen, the most varied blankets and amigurumis.


The waffle stitch is very beautiful, with a different texture that makes a very beautiful detail in all the pieces. You can use it to make the piece you want, a scarf looks very nice. It is a well closed stitch, which combines very well with winter pieces, blankets and rugs. It’s perfect for bags too, won’t miss anything you put inside. Take the opportunity to test the stitch with a yarn leftover from another project.

So, with the stitch made in hand, you can have more idea of ​​what to do, with what the stitch matches. So we can exercise our creativity, do what best suits our taste. When I first started to venture into the crochet technique, I liked to test all the stitches and save a sample of each one. So, when I found a house, a new blanket to make, I would go through my samples to see if I wanted to make any changes.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All Free Crochet

This is one of the best tips we can give you, to exercise creativity, to release this creative side of us. Only with practice, seeing new photos, we can exercise this side, you can see the result as the days go by. Everything becomes inspiration for a new craft. The waffle stitch pattern is available in All Free Crochet.


With the step by step you will understand the point and be able to make beautiful crafts. We hope this is another tip, another inspiration for you to continue with your beautiful pieces. Tell us here, in the comments, how it was and what you thought of creating. I’m sure our experiences serve as inspiration for other artisans. Lets test? Let’s crochet!