Spike Stitch – Crochet Free Pattern


The more we learn to crochet, it seems that more techniques and stitches appear. And that’s wonderful, because we keep on constantly learning and new options for other pieces that we’re going to make. Today we are not going to learn how to make a piece, but a crochet stitch, the spike stitch. This stitch is very pretty and, like most crochet pieces, very versatile.


You can use it to make blankets, sweaters, scarves, bags, table runners, centerpiece, placemat. To have the charm and detail that the stitch brings, you need to use more than one color. It’s as if one color ends and another begins, an enchantment. It looks beautiful when we use the same color, in different tones, getting a wonderful gradient.

If you still don’t have much practice or are just starting to practice crochet, learning separate stitches can be a great option. Buy a ball of yarn to start and the crochet hook with the number indicated for the yarn. Read and understand the entire pattern, and only then start practicing. Make the stitch, break it up, do it again until you like the result.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hopeful Honey

So you don’t spend a lot of yarn, practice the stitch and become safer with the technique. Ready, time to make this point a beautiful piece for you to use, sell or gift someone dear. The spike stitch pattern is available at Hopeful Honey, with the video tutorial to accompany you during practice.


I think the video is a great help, so you can stop, make the stitch, go back and have no doubts. If it doesn’t look perfect at first, continue to the end of several rows to see the stitch pattern form. We hope this stitch gives you lots of ideas to make beautiful pieces. Don’t forget to comment here your ideas for pieces, that way we help each other and get more creative.