Berry Leaf Table Runner – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi my loved ones! How have you been? I hope all is well this beginning of the week, with lots of ideas and the desire to make beautiful crafts. It’s always a great pleasure to see you here. We want to share the patterns so you can have access and continue creating beautiful crafts. We know that we are still far from the festive dates of the end of the year.


That doesn’t mean we don’t need to start thinking about what to offer our customers, do to decorate our home or give gifts to friends and family. The Berry Leaf Table Runner is that piece that will decorate the table. Make the family meal even more special. The colors chosen are the most used at Christmas, green, red and white.

Take the opportunity to match the bowls, cutlery and plates that will decorate your table on that special night. Choose high quality yarns because, no matter how careful we are, food or drink can always be spilled on the table runner. Having a high quality line and washing it carefully, your table runner will remain perfect and ready to be used on other occasions.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All Free Crochet

You can use it to decorate other furniture too, like sideboards. They make the house more harmonious and ready for celebrations. The berry leaf table runner pattern is not the easiest. Until Christmas you have time to practice and feel confident to make these beautiful pieces. You can find the pattern available at All Free Crochet, with the step by step, measurements, colors and yarns indications.


That we have already started to feel that Christmas spirit that leaves us inspired and full of love in our hearts. Shall we crochet? Leave here in the comments what you are thinking. We’re here to hear what you guys think of the pattern. Tell us what you want to see here and what it’s been like for you to make these beautiful pieces.