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You can’t deny that the kitchen is one of the most important environments in the house, right? After all, this is where you dine, gather your family and friends, in short, it is the room that transforms a property into a home, especially if you transform this environment into a gourmet space. And in the kitchen there are three essential items: kitchen sink, refrigerator and stove. If you are setting up or renovating this environment, know that buying a good kitchen sink is an investment! In addition to being necessary for preparing food and cleaning kitchen utensils, it also makes up the look of the place, and can even give that up in your decor. In this post you will learn more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Oliver the Bear Amigurumi.


But, after all, how to choose your kitchen sink? To define which kitchen sink is ideal for your home, and first let’s talk about the most common materials with which these items are made.

Think about how the routine in your home is and how the qualities of each one can be used by you and the other residents, this is one of the most important factors. Which materials most used for the composition of kitchen sink: GranitoInox, Resin, Marble, Wood and Granite sink.

Free Pattern Available: Oliver the Bear Amigurumi

Granite sinks are known to be very resistant and durable. In addition, they do not usually accumulate dirt and are easy to maintain. You can find granite kitchen sinks both in polished stone and with rustic finish, this question is up to you. Stainless steel sink. The stainless steel kitchen sink is resistant to stains, shocks and corrosion, but it has a weak point: easy scratching. It is considered hygienic, it is easy to combine, it goes well with almost any style of decoration, especially for a modern kitchen style, but it may end up losing its luster over time. To avoid this, it is recommended to use specific products for this material.


Resin sink. Considered modern, the resin sink can give an update on your environment, if it looks old. They are less resistant, but can be repaired if they suffer any damage. Synthetic marble sink. The synthetic marble kitchen sink is resistant to stains, cracks and scratches and is more affordable which helps a lot. However, it does not react as well in contact with acids. In addition to the material used to manufacture the kitchen sink, there are also other points that must be considered when choosing the one to take home. The first is space. If your kitchen is small and has many cabinets, there is no point in selecting a double sink, for example.

This will only make you lose valuable space in that environment. Also think that the average installation height of a kitchen sink is 90 cm in relation to the floor (it can vary between 80 cm and 110 cm depending on the height of the residents) and the average depth is 60 cm (it can vary between 50 cm and 65 cm). If your kitchen is spacious and widely used on a daily basis, it may be worth buying a large kitchen sink or even a double sink as they will do the job better. Remember, however, that in these cases, you will need a faucet with greater reach. Finally, also take into account all the decoration of the environment and, especially, that which will be closest to the kitchen sink, such as the kitchen sink cabinet, countertop, faucet and drains for example.

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