Anna’s Tales Cal – Crochet Free Pattern


Hi my loves! It’s a huge pleasure to be able to meet you here once again so, together, we can learn a lot of special crafts. All the patterns that we bring here have a step-by-step guide to guide you throughout the project. If you are passionate about manual crafts like us, just follow us every day. Anna’s Tales Cal is a perfect pattern, full of details that enchant and enthrall those who win, buy and who makes it.


It is made with the crochet technique that has been gaining space in the decoration of environments. Crochet is very versatile, you can make clothes, bags, blankets, wall decorations, rugs. With this pattern, it couldn’t be different. It can be used as a blanket, for use or to decorate bedrooms and living rooms.

The blankets are very versatile, they decorate the environment and even protect the sofas from dirt. This pattern is perfect to be part of the baby’s layette. Because it is a very delicate piece, it suits our little ones. When choosing colors, choose the ones that best match the environment, with the function that the blanket will perform.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Kame Crochet

For the baby’s room, choosing pastel colors is always an excellent option. We also have the most classic colors too, white, yellow, blue, beige. When choosing yarns, remember that there are those that are softer and warmer and the thinnest. The anna’s tales cal pattern is available in Kame Crochet. You will find the pattern in stages, which divide the quilt rounds. Following the step by step, I’m sure there will be no doubts.


Leave here in the comments what you think, how it was to do. We are always very excited to know if you fell in love just like we did. Remember to do it little by little, in your own time. If in doubt, go back, read the pattern one more time. All this contributes to our evolution as an artisan, keep in mind. Now, shall we crochet?