Bargello Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern


I’m sure you wonderful artisans already understand the versatility of the crochet technique. It is a very old technique, which is becoming more popular and common among young people every day. Today it is very common to have different hobbies and handicrafts only gain space in our daily lives. In the decoration of modern environments, we have handcrafted items.


Each crochet stitch brings a different detail and touch. Thinking about increasing our technique options, we have the bargello crochet blanket. The stitch makes all the difference in the final piece. When using multiple colors, the stitch details are even more evident and bring more detail to the blanket. You can do it with two, three, four colors, the same color with different shades to get a gradient.

Crochet blankets are very traditional, warm and soft. But you can use this stitch to make other pieces, pillows, scarves. As with colors, use creativity to create new pieces too. The good thing about the crochet technique is that we can do it and undo it, without wasting the material. So, if you have any yarn left around, take the opportunity to use and test the stitch.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Loves

Do it, undo it, do it again. So we evolve, with practice. That’s what crafts are, whether it’s a hobby or a profession, practice is always necessary. And the materials for crocheting are not very expensive and the needles last a long time. The bargello crochet blanket pattern is available at Crochet Loves. With the step by step and the photos we are sure you will be able to create beautiful pieces.


We look forward to seeing a lot of bargello out there. Tell us how it was to make, what pieces you thought of, we will be very happy to read your opinion too. With our experiences, we inspire new artisans to continue making this beautiful work. Take time for yourself and crochet. It’s relaxing, you’ll love it!