Rainbow Granny Square – Crochet Free Pattern


Hi! It is always a great pleasure to welcome you here, so that together we can learn many beautiful crafts. This is our space, our time for therapy and sharing experiences and learnings, to inspire each other. Our work is very beautiful and unique, feel very proud of each piece made, each evolution that you observe.


Thinking about making the environments more cozy, let’s learn how to make the rainbow granny square. The blankets are very beautiful, and when crocheted, they gain a more delicate touch. This blanket is made in rounds and changing thread colors needn’t scare you. It’s a quick and easy process to do. Gradually, with practice, you will learn to hide the knots that may be apparent at first.

But don’t worry, with practice you will see that everything gets simpler. As for the rainbow granny square, you can make it in pastel tones, it’s perfect for the baby’s room. If you are thinking of making it for the little ones, be a little more careful when choosing yarns. Remember that their skin is more sensitive, so hypoallergenic lines are recommended.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All Free Crochet

You can do it all in color or in one color. Choosing a color and varying the tones leaves the impression of a gradient, it looks very beautiful too. Take the opportunity to exercise your creativity. If you want to add details to bring more charm to the piece, do it. Add crochet flowers, hearts, rhinestones. You will create a unique piece, full of personality.


So we created our identity in craftsmanship, making pieces with our touch. The rainbow granny square pattern is available in All Free Crochet. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments, we’ll be very happy to know that there are many rainbow granny squares out there. If you have any suggestions, we will also look for them to learn together. Enjoy your weekend and see you again soon!