Astrodelic Block Quilt


You sure have seen some patchwork out there! This technique is a classic craftsmanship that has existed for years and is present both indoors, in a patchwork dish cloth or a patchwork quilt, as well as in the streets, in the form of patchwork handbag and t-shirt details, for example. We love patchwork work, and I’m sure you love it too! If you are new to our site know that here we give you step by step tips, graphics and videos tutorials of the main patterns to start working with this wonderful craftsmanship. You will also have access to various inspirations from produced pieces that make the greatest success!


Translating, literally “patchwork” would be, in Portuguese, working with flaps, that is, this technique uses different tissue cuts and joins them in a harmonic way. In the end, patchwork is a way to make fun, colorful and, most importantly, unique pieces made by you. With the patchwork you can make the most varied pieces. Some of the most classic we have already mentioned, but apart from them, it is also possible to produce cushion covers, rugs, curtains, wallets, notebooks, and more. Are you curious? So come with people!

The conventional technique is done with the help of the sewing machine or there are people who prefer to make small parts with their hands. If you are thinking of starting to do it but you are afraid, know that it is not as complicated as it may seem, but before you take a step-by-step on how to make this wonderful quilt, let’s talk a bit about the structure of it.

The so-called quilt, which are continuous machined designs can be in the form of arabesques, hearts, and many others. This technique leaves the work even more beautiful and valued.


Today’s pattern is about a gorgeous pattern called … that has a star design with strips, it does not explain very much which shape is most beautiful. I left a photo above to see how it is. If you accompany me, you know that I always bring things that I find beautiful for you, always keeping you up to date with the new patterns and techniques. Last week I shared with you a beautiful quilt quilt, who did not see it, just click here Broken Star Quilt, make this wonderful pattern as well.


For today’s pattern we can change the size depending on the size we cut the sewing strip, it seemed the easiest way to resize the size for the model you want to make. The original is cutting through half the cuts of the fabric.

The measurements fit the parameters. Draw the design again to cut the fabrics and see better, this makes it easy to see what will change and observe the adjustments that are needed. Count the blocks for a good check before cutting the fabric.

Below the pattern in PDF to do with the step by step, you can also print if you prefer. Follow the instructions correctly as indicated. Make sure you are using a 1/4 “seam allowance. If you can, check again before sewing. These care should take from the smaller size of the quilt to a quilt like a larger quilt. Wash and wipe fabrics before starting. Good work and up to the next pattern.

Pattern PDF 👉 Astrodelic Block Quilt