Mandala Madness Part 18


The world of crafts is always having constant updates and with that we should always be updating and studying. That is why it is always important to be studying more and learning new techniques and new patterns since there are always new things that are infinite. It’s a trade that has existed for thousands of years, from grandparents to the present day. When initiating a project done with the hands is felt a mixture of feelings and emotions in each stitch or sewn fabric and as the work increases and in the end a wonderful and rewarding result.


Crochet is a very versatile technique that allows the creation of delicate pieces, whether for the fashion of clothes and accessories, to decorate the environments of the house or to give presents. This is a type of handicraft that, in addition to being therapeutic and indicated by the doctors (because it exerts both skill and patience of the craftsman), allows to reinvent each generation, keeping up to date and being part of the most varied styles.

The handcrafted crochet pieces are always up and giving a personal and individual touch wherever they go. You can use them to add color to your Christmas night, to personalize and give a touch of delicacy, or it can even become a beautiful birthday gift, to give a new face to your bedroom, or sofa blanket or any other room you imagine or where you want.


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* Repeat the instructions that are between asterisks the requested amount of times.
() – Repeat instructions in parentheses the amount of times requested.


The colors and patterns made crochet designs a perfect combination when finished, which combines with a series of free, colorful styles, from the simplest to the most stripped, thus allowing a unique crochet style creation, both in clothes as in decoration. This quilt is what you need to feel in a cozy environment and the best you can do for yourself.

In this post today I bring to you all a wonderful pattern that surfing the internet was behind a mandala and one of our followers sent us yesterday his project with this pattern, said he used and loved the result. The default Mandala Madness Part 18 was made by Helen Shrimpton I leave all the credits for her because I loved and my follower was one of those who did and loved the result and I’m sure that all of you will love too.

Below I leave the video tutorial of mandala 18 and I also leave the pdf pattern. For people who want other parties she has 1 to 18 on the site feel free and make your beautiful bedspread. To always be linked to all patterns, follow our page on facebook Crochet & Knitting Free Patterns and our Crochet Lovers ✂ Group. We give weekly tips with Free Padroes. I see you there.

Pattern PDF  ➩ Mandala Madness Part 18  Helen Shrimpton ❤