Snowman Kitchen Towel – Crochet Free Pattern


Hello my darlings! Shall we take advantage of the weekend to practice some festive patterns? We separate a very beautiful decoration item for you to use in the kitchen, the snowman kitchen towel making everything more charming. On all festive dates, we always seek to decorate our home to make everything even more special.


We like to enchant the people who will come to spend this time with us, showing all our dedication and happiness to have them there. As much as it is still a very distant date, Christmas comes full of enchantment and meaning. If you make crochet an extra income at the end of the month or it’s your main income, take the opportunity to invest in these dates.

To feel more confident and start practicing, use this pattern to test. The base of the snowman towel is basic and used to make other patterns that match this one. It is perfect to make and sell in kits, so the person can vary the decoration of the towels in the kitchen. Another great option is to give gifts to dear friends and family, so they already know how to decorate the house when Christmas arrives.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: A Crocheted Simplicity

The snowman kitchen towel pattern is not difficult and is available in A Crocheted Simplicity. The material list of different crochet patterns are very similar. Yarn of your choice, crochet hook, yarn needle and scissors. In addition to being versatile, crochet is an inexpensive craft and the pieces usually last a long time. May this be another piece for you to be inspired and full of ideas.


Here in the comments, you can leave your opinion and suggestions as well. You can be sure that your experience will help and inspire other artisans. Take advantage of the weekend to see the standards that are available here on the site. Put them into practice. Have a great weekend!