Crochet Point Fan Patterns

Hello I bring the technique of this pattern that consists in making the crochet rug continue to be used, it is a great way to earn extra income with work or even to decorate the house.

The use of the piece can happen in many ways, after all there are numerous possibilities of points and styles, and this allows the piece to be a wildcard for different styles in the decoration. May be kitchen or bathroom mat, or table path. The result is a multi-fan part, high, low, simple, open and closed. And although it seems a little mixed, at the end of the piece is beautiful.After all this model is unique. 

Today I want to show you this mega carpet first. CROCHET TIPPER, elegant, that can be used in bathroom, bed edge and sink. Its fan-shaped stitches are simple and easy to weave.

For those who like to follow the production of crochet carpets and other video lesson accessories, you will find the step by step crochet rug that you surely will not easily find elsewhere. Do not wait later, I’ll take the video tutorial and do it now.


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