Dresden Blooms Quilt


Working from home, in most cases, is much more comfortable, in fact, it is our corner, but the distractions tend to be greater, which can hinder all our concentration and productivity. To prevent this from happening, you need to think carefully about how to set up a work environment, as some decorating ideas such as quilt can help you stay focused and motivated. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Dresden Blooms Quilt.


With inspiration you can do some beautiful quilt’s to help you decorate your work space. If your home does not have its own room for the home office, use a corner of the room, the balcony or even the kitchen, but avoid your room, as it is not good to work in the same environment where you sleep, specially when you quilt.

Check if the table is at a good height, if the chair is comfortable, if the space is quiet, as this is also important. Lighting is also indispensable for artisans, so prefer places close to the window to take advantage of natural light and don’t forget to check the efficiency of the luminaires, as you will need it when nightfall.

The colors go beyond aesthetics, so, if necessary, renew the wall of the environment where you will work. The ideal is light colors, tones that brighten and transmit tranquility to the environment and to the people who are there. If you love to follow trends, bet on Classic Blue, the color of the year, which expresses calm and confidence, but as it is darker, use creativity to use it in detail, you can also quilt some items with this color to decorate your place.


Plants also energize the environment, according to Feng Shui and, since we are talking about life, remember to leave a bottle of water on the table to hydrate yourself, in the end, staying hydrated is very important, specially when it comes to quilt. Here the goal is to have things that are aesthetically beautiful and that make you happy. What do you think of a board for hanging colored paper reminders?

Or a chalkboard to make a flow chart? And it doesn’t have to be just for work, choose your music inspirations, motivational phrases, photos, stickers, favorite quilt and use your creativity to make wall comics, which will liven you up whenever you look at them, this will add a touch to the environment and help you a lot.

Keep the environment always clean and with everything in place, especially if you quilt. If your desk has drawers, great, but if not, invest in organizers: boxes, pen holders, shelves, pens to align machine wires. Throw away papers that will no longer be used, organize the books and all the materials you use so they don’t get messy. The mess conveys discomfort and impairs concentration.

One of Marie Kondo’s tips is the importance of short breaks to clear your mind and return with more energy. You can have coffee or tea on the kitchen counter, stretch your arms in front of the window with the most beautiful view or take a breath on your balcony while sitting – just a few minutes – in a slightly more relaxing chair. Now you are renewed to return to your home office and make the day pay off, isn’t it amazing?

Free Pattern Available: Dresden Blooms Quilt