Couverture Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


The living room, currently, is one of the places in the house that provide the most social interaction. Today, it is more open, enabling communication and coexistence between everyone. Family and friends can get together to talk, laugh and catch up, so having an well decorated living room is important. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Couverture Blanket.


Crochets are fundamental items that help a lot in the living room organization and should preferably have a place on the sofa so that it can be displayed very well. Undoubtedly, beautiful crochets add extra charm to the ling rooms, but try to give your touch to it, it’s always important to use things that give your face to the decor.

Using a Crochet Blanket is the first step to give your living room your touch. You can crochet some decoration items that will help complement your decor. You can decor a hole house just crocheting, isn’t that incredible?

You can do a crochet blanket for your sofa or a crochet rug, they can help a lot in the decoration, they will give your living room a very unique, beautiful and incredible touch.


Crochet some items for decoration, like potholders, a crochet basket and much more, cause they will help you complement the decoration of your house. You can find a lot of crochets for decoration on the internet, there are very beautiful and creative ideas on the internet that i’m sure you will like and want to do for your house. If you want to do you right, ad your touch to the crochets, this will leave the decor with your face, and that’s incredible! 

You can also decorate other places of your house, such as your bedroom, your kitchen, your bathroom, entry hall, garden, backyard and much more! Crochet helps a lot on the decoration and still have their other functions. The crochet basket can store things, the crochet potholders will help by decorating and, as the name says, holding your pots.

As for the entry hall, you can use the crochet basket to store wet umbrellas for example. Crochet is a incredible art, you can do so much tings with crochet, you can even create new things by yourself and share them with other people woh also love crochet, isn’t that incredible?

Free Pattern Available: Couverture Blanket