Granny Square Quilt Block


Ready for another patchwork pattern? a beautiful quilt for you.
It is important each day to be seeking knowledge and acquiring experiences so having more skill in making the pattern. So much dedication, love and patience is fundamental to having a great result. This is an excellent option for quilting


Today’s standard is a block from Granny Square. An easy beginner level pattern making your first quilt can make it small or large. The union of the fabrics in small sizes give a fantastic result in the end, the way it merges and mounts the drawing is beautiful.

The common size of quilt is about 50 X 60 ”, a good size, but nothing prevents you from making other sizes that you prefer and want. Below I leave for you a tutorial of this pattern of Granny Square Quilt Block that is easy and fun to do.

I am very happy with the results and I hope that you also enjoy and be happy. Kind of pattern that leaves the environment more modern, which is what I love! You can also see other Quilting options Landlocked Sea Lovers Quilt. 

Pattern Free ☞ Granny Square Quilt Block