Tilda Triangle Quilt


Welcome to the new story of this incredible site that is Love Quilting, which I leave for you. bring new materials stay tuned and save as favorites the site to always see the news of patterns of crochet and patchwork. Be proud to be an artisan with skills and always up to date with new patterns.


I like to make the patterns of patchwork with a sewing machine because it leaves the pattern more uniform and aligned but nothing prevents from making the hand. Being able to sew off, by hand or machine, is divine, it looks beautiful just the same.


I always look for a quiet place to do my work, the wind, the fresh air, the sun all gives me peace and tranquility, and sitting outside is my favored place. Sometimes comes ideas and inspirations and even good memories come to me when I do.


In the photos is a model of colors that can make, an idea of the color that can be used but can use the color that you prefer. The pattern of this quilt is just below, I left it for you as PDF for printing. Every day I’m going to bring news to you, so stay tuned so you do not lose anything and learn more every day. I hope you like it and see you next time.



Pattern PDF Free ▶ Tilda Triangle Quilt ◀


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