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The entrance hall is one of the most important spaces to decorate in your home, as it is the first impression that people will have of your home! This space functions as an “invitation” and a divider between the “world outside” and its “little corner”, your home, your home. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Little Princess Sara Crochet Baby Dress By Soukaina Collections.


Regardless of whether it is big or small, it is important to keep in mind what the main function of your hall will be, remember this. Do you want to express your taste in colors, exposed pieces? Do you prefer a chic and elegant space, or a more practical hall, with hangers and supports for bags?

Having chosen the style that we will give to the hall, it is time to select the main elements of the decoration that will be made: some furniture that you really like, or a special portrait, a set of paintings that you like … something that gives a “north” to the decoration.

That done, it’s time to think about the real usefulness of the environment, as this is very important. It is important to think: “what do I need to keep and have easy access here?” Tips for useful things to have in a lobby: table or bench; watch; container for placing keys, mail; support for umbrellas; shoe rack (some people have the habit of taking off their shoes to enter the house).

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If you want to cause a perception of spaciousness in your hall, do not forget to put a mirror, as it helps a lot in this purpose. It can be with or without frame, in the horizontal or vertical position, or a set of mirrors with different sizes and shapes. Do not forget the lighting, essential to bring warmth to the environment.


We can use lamps, spots with focal lighting and table or floor lamps for good and modern lighting. By investing in adequate lighting, we are able to create points of interest (with focal points of light), diversity and sensory stimulation (for example, a soft light provides relaxation).

As it is a place of passage, where we do not stay for a long time, we can use and abuse colors and patterns to make the environment more fun and colorful. If this is your style, take advantage of the latest wallpapers and decorative stickers for this environment. You can also paint a wall with magnetic paint and use it to put reminders and messages, or even make use of the chalkboard paint, transforming your wall into a big black board.

It is important to maintain harmony between the various focuses of interest (furniture, decorative objects), as they cannot “compete” with each other, but form a set of shapes, textures and colors that complement each other leaving the environment very beautiful. Take advantage of these tips and get inspired to decorate your lobby!

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Baby Dress By Soukaina Collections

Image By Soukaina Collections

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