Log Cabin Table Topper


Log Cabin Table Topper, this beautiful work shows us the beauty of the quilt and all its delicacy. Your home will be delicately decorated with this beautiful piece of handicraft that is on the rise today. This technique has been a beautiful option to make the house more beautiful and welcoming and giving an extra highlight to any type of decoration. The perfect option to decorate your home, we can use Table Toppers to decorate in many ways and one more beautiful than the other.


Or simply decorate that end table with this Amazing and Beautiful Table Topper that has an amazing design, giving it a delicate and romantic look. Log Cabin Table Topper, a beautiful Table Topper that shows us how amazing the art of quilt is that many love and with good reason.

Your table will be delicately decorated with this beautiful work and the quilt has been a beautiful option to make the house more beautiful and welcoming as well as complementing the decor in an incredibly stylish way!! You can also see this pattern of a beautiful Canvas Market Bag Quilt.

Log Cabin Table Topper

Pattern/Images/Tutorial: All People Quilt

Inspired by “Stepping Stones” from designer Mabeth Oxenreider
Quiltmaker: Laura Boehnke


6″ square red floral (blocks)
1/8 yard red print (blocks)
1/8 yard green-and-black print (blocks)
8″ square brown print (sashing)
Scrap of green print (sashing)
6″ square brown-and-black print (sashing)
21 “square backing fabric
21″ square batting

Finished quilt: 16″ square
Finished block: 7″ square

Quantities are for 44/45″-wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1/4″ seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.


What Do We Think About This Pattern

An amazing Table Topper that will provide you with an incredibly stylish decor, you can believe it will have an amazing result in your table decor. This Log Cabin Table Topper is easy to make, which helps even more. It’s a great piece for your table, believe me, it will help a lot and amaze everyone.

How about we make this Log Cabin Table Topper? So follow the tutorial and I’m sure you’ll be able to make this piece quickly and easily. A great tip is that you separate your material and your tools before making this piece, so you can follow the tutorial while making the piece, that way you will be able to do everything perfectly.