Log In, Log Out Quilt


Log In, Log Out Quilt, a work with a different look that should be done calmly and that has an incredible result. In the bedroom decor, this quilt can leave the environment cheerful and very charming too, in addition to being very delicate and stylish too. It’s worth making pieces of this type that makes us proud of our craftsmanship skills that we use for these pieces. The colors of your bedspread will depend on your taste, as they can match your environment.


Choose your fabric according to the decor of the room or the place where you want to put it so that everything comes out perfect and the quilt complements the existing decor. Practical, this type of quilt leaves the house well prepared to receive your visitors, which is a great help. It is an excellent product option for sales as it is a unique piece that requires time to be made.

Surely, when doing your work, you usually have many doubts about the best way to do a perfect job, we know that these doubts get in the way a lot. But with love and patience, it’s possible to do amazing work like the one we’ve brought. The quilt is the type of work that can require a little more patience when composing the piece, but it has a very worthwhile result.

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Log In, Log Out Quilt

Full Pattern/Images/Tutorial: All People Quilt


2-7/8 yards total assorted dark prints in pink, red, gold, yellow, and green (center square, strips)
3-1/8 yards total assorted light prints (strips)
2/3 yard green print (binding)
4-1/2 yards backing fabric
78×80″ batting
Finished quilt: 69-1/2×71-1/2″

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42″ of usable fabric width. Measurements include 1/4″ seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics
Cut pieces in the following order. Designer Lissa Alexander pieced together the short ends of strips before cutting the length needed for some positions. To add interest, she sometimes joined strips from different prints of the same color.

From assorted dark prints, piece and cut:

2-2-1/2×61-1/2″ strips for position 42
2-2-1/2×57-1/2″ strips for position 40
2-2-1/2×51-1/2″ strips for position 36
2-2-1/2×49-1/2″ strips for position 33
2-2-1/2×47-1/2″ strips for position 34
2-2-1/2×37-1/2″ strips for position 25
2-2-1/2×31-1/2″ strips for position 21
2-2-1/2×19-1/2″ strips for position 12
2-2-1/2×11-1/2″ strips for position 6
2-1-1/2×63-1/2″ strips for position 44
2-1-1/2×53-1/2″ strips for position 38
2-1-1/2×47-1/2″ strips for position 31
2-1-1/2×43-1/2″ strips for position 29
2-1-1/2×39-1/2″ strips for position 27
2-1-1/2×35-1/2″ strips for position 23
2-1-1/2×27-1/2″ strips for position 19
2-1-1/2×23-1/2″ strips for position 17
4-1-1/2×21-1/2″ strips for positions 14 and 15
2-1-1/2×15-1/2″ strips for position 10
2-1-1/2×13-1/2″ strips for position 8
2-1-1/2×9-1/2″ strips for position 4
2-1-1/2×5-1/2″ strips for position 2
1-3-1/2″ center square
From assorted light prints, piece and cut:

3-2-1/2×69-1/2″ strips for position 46
2-2-1/2×63-1/2″ strips for position 41
2-2-1/2×59-1/2″ strips for position 39
2-2-1/2×53-1/2″ strips for position 35
2-2-1/2×41-1/2″ strips for position 30
2-2-1/2×39-1/2″ strips for position 28
2-2-1/2×31-1/2″ strips for position 22
2-2-1/2×27-1/2″ strips for position 20
2-2-1/2×25-1/2″ strips for position 18
2-2-1/2×15-1/2″ strips for position 11
2-2-1/2×5-1/2″ strips for position 3
2-1-1/2×69-1/2″ strips for position 45
2-1-1/2×67-1/2″ strips for position 43
2-1-1/2×57-1/2″ strips for position 37
2-1-1/2×43-1/2″ strips for position 32
2-1-1/2×37-1/2″ strips for position 26
2-1-1/2×33-1/2″ strips for position 24
2-1-1/2×23-1/2″ strips for position 16
2-1-1/2×19-1/2″ strips for position 13
2-1-1/2×13-1/2″ strips for position 9
2-1-1/2×11-1/2″ strips for position 7
2-1-1/2×7-1/2″ strips for position 5
2-1-1/2×3-1/2″ strips for position 1
From green print, cut:

8-2-1/2×42″ binding strips

Our Team’s Opinion About This Pattern

Log In, Log Out Quilt, this quilt will certainly decorate your house with a different look that I’m sure you’re gonna be amazed with, all these beautiful colors will change the environment with a new look, believe me!! A great piece that will definitely change your room’s look on a way that will leave you amazed and with the room wll decorated, this will surely make your customers want one like it to use on their house, which will help you in sales!!

Want to make this amazing Log In, Log Out Quilt? So it’s simple, set aside all your material and tools before starting your piece so that you already have everything close at hand, so it will be easy to carry out this project, follow the tutorial carefully, make your piece while following the tutorial and I I am sure that you will be able to make this beautiful project easily.

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