How to make Sunflower Afghan


As the idea here is to decorate with style your room or your room, we will teach you how to make this lovely crochet pattern from Sunflower Afghan. The walkthrough we brought was made with Afghan crochet stitches.You have the option to buy well-little cockroach lines or the colors of your preference and easy to find. To make this blanket, you will only need the knit yarn and your hands to fabricate this wonderful blanket.


Then, just do the point that we will teach through the written walkthrough or even the video we leave at the end of the article, which is very simple.

Tips for Making a Crochet Blanket

Before you start making your blanket, choose the colors that you will use along with the size you want to make the blanket.


remember that the thickness of the crochet yarn and the spacing between one back and the other will determine the width of your crochet piece Sunflower Afghan pattern.

So if you want to make a lighter and “open” blanket, use thinner yarns and increase the space of the dots with your hands turning the piece of mania you like.

To get the written pattern, see Walkthrough: =>Ravelry RUTHL’s Sunflower Afghan!

How to make Sunflower Afghan yarn. Watch the Tutorial: SUNFLOWER AFGHAN