Purple Rose Square


Crochet squares are very important, in addition, they help to make a beautiful blanket. They look extremely elegant in a well-made blanket, especially if you have something next to it to decorate. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Purple Rose Square.


It has different shapes, sizes, ornaments and colors in which it can be made, especially according to the taste and need of each person who will make one. Regardless of your style or the decor of your home, you will certainly have a match that will match.

Simple and economical you can make this piece for your home combining with blankets, therefore with cushion covers and towels. In addition, it is a well accepted product for sales, show it to your customers and friends.

The color can be the one that matches and pleases your customers, first of all separate all the material so that it is easier to do everything, so you don’t get lost.


This beautiful crochet square is an ideal project for you to express love, as it has very beautiful rose shapes. A very beautiful craft in which you will be able to give a gift to people who love them, they will surely love.

Make a beautiful and stylish blanket for your bed or sofa, for example. They are perfect for making a crochet bag or even a cushion cover for your sofa, and but believe me, you can still use them for much more.

We at Love Quilting are working at home to always bring you the best crochet posts and patterns you can imagine. So you always stay connected, receive new standards without leaving home, and you can take advantage of the quarantine to do new projects.

  • DESIGNED by: Lisa Hooper
  • PROJECT TYPE: baby blanket
  • CRAFT: crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL: upper beginner

Free Crochet Pattern: Purple Rose Square  Purple Rose Square

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