Radiating Dragonflies Throw


To renovate your home in a simple and functional way you can use a classic technique used in typical homes: the crochet blanket. Crochet is a material that has beauty and delicacy due to its execution process. There is no rule to follow in decorating with this blanket template, except to use it wherever you want. This blanket is so beautiful and will be so useful for you that you will want to make more of them, believe me, i want a lot of them too. Your blanket can be trimmed with open or closed stitches.


And on the market there are endless options of material to use, which can be a thicker or thinner, white or colored string or other types of thread. It is only necessary to harmonize with the other elements that make up the environment.

If in doubt, invest in neutral colors such as white and beige that look elegant in any proposal and can be used with more versatility or the ones we use in this example.

Free Pattern Available: Radiating Dragonflies Throw


All residential environments can be augmented with crochet pieces, including the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, outdoor areas and other rooms. There are several options when it comes to crochet blankets. The crochet blanket is the most commonly used form in the residence, usually seen in the rooms as they help to convey the feeling of spaciousness. A narrow or dark room can be highlighted with this light colored accessory as attention turns to the bed.

Crochet is a very rewarding craft, even for those who are taking the first steps in the technique, as it is possible to produce beautiful, functional and decorative pieces early in the learning process, such as the simple crochet blanket. This type of blanket is usually produced in simple points, such as the little chain, the low point and the high point, ideal for beginners, but the simplicity is still beautiful.

And the best tip for those who want to start producing a simple crochet blanket is to choose the right thread and needle type correctly. The needle should follow the thread thickness, in which case the thicker the thread, the larger the needle should be. But if in doubt, you can refer to the thread packaging, the manufacturer always mentions which needle type is most suitable, but in the case of this blanket the precise needle type and thread is already included in the tutorial.

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