Serenity crochet table center


Hello friends of the site, welcome and we go to a wonderful standard that leaves the table very beautiful with special touch. There is no way I do not like it, choose the color you prefer and combine with your environment, I loved the color pink because it makes the environment more sweet and pleasant.

Today we go from a standard crochet flower centerpiece. I leave you the complete step by step and then have a video tutorial just so you can look and see how it is done in practice. Enjoy training and sharing with your craft friends.

– 1 Baroque Maxcolor 226m in the colors 6085, 6823, 3390 and 8001;
– 1 crochet hook n. 3,5 or 4.

– Pink
– Within the magic circle will do 12pa
– 1PA on the basic pa and 1PA getting ahead
– 1PA on the basic pa 1PA getting ahead, getting ahead 1PA
– 1PA on the basic pa 1PA getting ahead, 1PA getting ahead, getting ahead 1PA
– 1bp in each basic pa
– 1bp 15corr 1bp 1bp 1bp 15corr 1bp 1bp 1bp …
– In 15 corr we will 2corr 10bp 10bp, 1bp through the base 3PB
– 1bp in each dc base and the 2corr do 1bp 2corr 1bp …
Rosinha, pink, serenety
– Will make 2 each color careers like previous career
– Will join the petals picking up in the second row of white in the middle of bp and do 1bp 6corr 1bp next petal
– In 6corr we will 6PA and 1PA on pb
– 2PA together upon pa made upon 6PA bp and 1 in each base pa
– 2PA together over the first pa which were made 2PA together and 1 dc in each basic pa …
 (2 rows) (all rows will make the pa taking the ringlet back)
Let’s make the pineapple getting in front of the ringlet
– We will 2PA together 2PA together separate 9PA, 2PA together 2PA together
– 3PA 3corr jumps 1PA base and make 1bp 3corr jumps 1PA 1bp … at the end 3PA,
– Turns 3PA 3corr 1bp next 3corr … 1bp 3corr the end 3PA, turns …
– Careers will decrease until 3PA and ends with 1pbx the first pa
– Jump 1PA to om other pineapple
– Around Pineapples we will do 1bp 2corr 1bp and pa who jumped 1bp 2corr …

All Pineapples will do the same will increase 2PA in each career had been as follows:

– 2PA together 2PA together separate 11pa 2PA together 2PA together
2PA together 2PA together separate 13pa 2PA together 2PA together
– 2PA together 2PA together separate 15pa 2PA together 2PA together

Image Cristina Luriko
Group of friends, this piece is inspired by Cristina Luriko’m doing an equal, to see the video of the walkthrough was translated from Portuguese to English.

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