Spin Basic Blown Away


Hello friends of our site Love Quilting I bring a beautiful pattern to you that I fell in love precisely by the junction of colors, where it leaves the environment more joyful and cozy. This Blown Basic quilt was designed by Osie Lebowitz. If you’re going to start sewing now instead of wanting to make a great rug, choose to make a small piece with cheap fabrics.


It does not take a lot of materials to do the job, but some are essential, such as circular cutter, cutting base, ruler for patchwork, fabrics, threads, pins, pencils, scissors, iron and of course, the sewing machine.These products together form the basic patchwork kit.

We can do several things with this pattern such as a bedspread, cushions, rugs, American game, purses, trunk, toilet paper holder, bed headboard, cloth dolls, panetone holder… The list of possibilities is immense! Simple, beautiful and cheap: it’s the definition of patchwork, a technique that attracts thousands of fans, both for the convenience of making the objects and for the final result.

Here on our site you learn how to make patterns in patcwork from simple to most complex: take note of step by step and let your creativity flow! Check out the tutorials to follow the pattern of this beautiful work  


▶ Spin Basic Blown Away 


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