Star Surprise Throw Quilt Pattern


There are endless possibilities when we think of room décor, with a complete list of models (for all tastes and pockets) of beds, headboards, servants, floor lamps, paints or wallpapers, floors and other floor coverings….


This means there are many room decorating possibilities, from the closest to the farthest from what each person wants! With all of these possibilities, decorating styles also vary to infinity, but some of them are often used because they have marked an era from taste, technology, or custom and vary according to where they were first used. . In today’s post, we’ve brought you some deceiving tips, and even a quilt pattern so you can get inspired when decorating.

With that in mind, we have separated some of the most common bedroom decorating styles and requests in recent times with their basic descriptions, pick any one and start making yours now, i’m sure you’ll love the ideas:

Free Pattern Available: Star Surprise Throw Quilt Pattern

Vintage and retro style: Perfect for nostalgic people or with that famous feeling of being born at the wrong time. Decorations based on the designs of the last century can have many inspirations and continue to enchant people in their shapes, patterns and colors. They range from the beginning of the century in the 1920s / 30s, through the modernization of the 1940s / 50s and the glamor of pop culture from the 1960s / 70s. Whichever season you choose, it is always important to remember that between vintage and retro there is a big difference: Retro uses period furniture and decorations, which can be found in antique shops and other types of bazaars and miners; The Vintage style uses the style of those bygone eras on objects produced at the present time and can be found in furniture and decoration stores. Who doesn’t love that old style in their room, it’s so beautiful isn’t it?


Rustic: This is not exactly a style as it can blend in with both old and contemporary decor. But when we think of a rustic decoration, surely the first thing that comes to mind is that environment linked to the interior, the farm, the countryside, with much use of wood, natural stones and decorated with flowers and many little plants. It is the perfect style for an environment that seeks harmony with nature and brings a freshness to the environment. Just imagine that feeling of waking up early in the morning with that more country style.

Classical: The classic style is named after the decoration of the ancient Greco-Roman constructions. But it became a symbol of elegance and sophistication because it was used in the houses of the nineteenth and twentieth century aristocracy. With great use of white and pastel colors, this decoration prioritizes natural light, good circulation space and designer furniture that mixes straight lines with the insertion and some spiral curves. You can perfect this decoration with some objects.

Modern: This style was born as a way of simplifying the refined and adorned Rococo and Baroque forms. The cleanest, unadorned and extremely functional forms are the fundamental features of modern style. In decorating, the furniture and environments designed by the German design school, Bauhaus, and other modernist architects are the great ones with their studies of form and design. In the matter of materials, glass, iron and copper are very present in the environments in new and creative ways. Are you liking this idea? How about putting it into practice?

Industrial: Industrial style was born between the 1960s and 1970s in New York City and, in fact, is related to the redevelopment of the city’s manufacturing districts: after the fact that the factories closed, the buildings that received them which prioritized the breadth of the space with high ceilings, without room dividers) began to be used as housing. The industrial style, characterized mainly by this architecture, still gained a more bohemian tone by creating a mix of styles from the panning of furniture and objects. Another main point of the industrial style is the structure of the exposed architecture: the famous exposed bricks and the electrical system with the exposed pipes are iconic and still used today! This decoration is very popular in the geek style.

Contemporary: Much associated with urban life and technology, contemporary style can be encompassed in all that is current. The cleansing of shapes coming from the modern style continues, but it is associated with new techniques, materials and discoveries, such as plastic, resin, MDF and stainless steel, bringing different colors, often vibrant and that can be customized according to the taste of. each person. In this style, the environments get an extra touch for the technology, be it light, sound or even giant TV screens or games. Just imagine playing that game on that big screen.

Minimalist: A contemporary trend that has attracted the attention of more and more fans, minimalism is not just a decoration style, but a lifestyle. Mainly from the diminishing space in houses and apartments, minimalism brings the idea of reducing consumption, freeing spaces and making the environments more functional and at the same time calm and pleasant, minimalism mixes the economy and cleanliness of modern style shapes. using simpler colors and themes. In these environments, white, gray and black are often the protagonists, along with innovative and creative design solutions to optimize spaces without losing comfort. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot.

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