Tarted Up Pineapple Quilt


Hello, good afternoon to all who accompany us on our site. In this material I will leave a wonderful pattern for you of patchwork, plus a material to increase your range of patterns, your list increases as well as your knowledge. Here we will learn how to make the Tarted Up Pineapple Quilt without complications and you fall in love with this pattern just like me, the result is fantastic.


To make this pattern and turn a quilt you do not need much material and the flaps if you do not want or can not buy new ones, we can do with flaps that we have at home even if it is left over from other patterns, thus being sustainable as well.

The necessary materials are: scissors, fabrics, patchwork ruler, rotary cutter, cutting board, threads, pins and if you are going to make needles or the sewing machine by hand; and the rest stays with your imagination and disposition.

Below I leave the link of the pdf to you of this pattern to Tarted Up Pineapple Quilt, take advantage of the maximum of information that has available to you and good work.




Pattern Free PDF  Tarted Up Pineapple Quilt 

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