Teaberry Stars Quilt


Teaberry Stars Quilt, a practical work and with a very beautiful look that I’m sure you’ll love, it can be made in different colors which is even better because it gives you a great variety. The colors of your quilt will suit your tastes, remember that. Choose your fabrics according to the decoration where you will use them. Doubts about how to do a perfect job can always come up and we know how annoying these doubts are and can get in our way.


But with love and patience, it is possible to do incredible work that will please everyone and leave them amazed by their pieces. The quilt is the type of work that despite being easy, must be done with a lot of patience and attention. Teaberry Stars Quilt, a beautiful piece for you to distract yourself with an amazing craft technique.

Quilting is a widely used craft practice nowadays with an incredible practicality that provides incredible work. The craft is to transform the small pieces of cloth into bundles and join them with sewing, thus shaping several amazing and very charming pieces.

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Teaberry Stars Quilt

Full Pattern/Images/Tutorial: McCall’s Quilting


Finished Quilt Size
86H˝ x 86H˝
Number of Blocks and Finished Size
42 Stepping Stone Blocks 10˝ x 10˝
7 Sawtooth Star Blocks 10˝ x 10˝

Fabric Requirements
Assorted pink prints (3J-3H Stepping
Stone Blocks, sashing posts) yds. total
Cream/brown small print
(background) 6G yds.*
Dark pink print (Sawtooth Star
Blocks) I yd.
Pink stripe (binding) 1 yd.
Backing 8 yds.
Batting size 96˝ x 96˝
*Yardage is based on at least 42˝ of usable

What Our Crew Thinks About This Pattern

Teaberry Stars Quilt, a wonderful quilt that will delight you because of its incredibly beautiful and stylish look. It will decorate the room in an incredible and charming way and may even warm you up at night, which is what you look for in a good quilt too. An incredibly wonderful piece. Many will love this beautiful piece, you can be sure that it will be successful among your customers.

Want to make this wonderful Teaberry Stars Quilt? So it’s simple, separate all your material and your tools first, this will facilitate the execution of this project that you are going to do, then just follow the tutorial carefully, make your piece while following the tutorial and I’m sure you’ll be able to make this beautiful design easily.

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