The After Effect Goes Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern


If you think that doing The After Effect Goes Granny Square Free Crochet takes a lot of practice, you are mistaken. If you’re new to crochet, you’re sure to have a little more trouble, but it’s like riding a bike. When you learn, you only tend to make more beautiful and detailed models. Come with me, let me show you how beautiful and delicate this incredible pattern is, i’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


Of course this technique requires a little patience. But for us crocheters, patience is a virtue, isn’t it? Here we will help you hone your technique when doing this beautiful crochet.

Free Tutorial Available: After Effect Goes Granny Square

Besides decoration, you can also sell designs with this pattern. Some examples are: bathroom set, towels, kitchen and living room rugs, tea towels, flower pots, pictures.


And all this has a great acceptance, because really the works with flowers are wonderful. There are many ways and models to make this square.

Here you will find a very well explained and well done tutorial, believe me, you will not regret making this amazing After Effect Goes Granny Square.

Enjoy the template to use as decoration and in projects. You can use it in blankets, pillows, rugs and much more, you can use it in the decoration you want !!

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