Night Before Christmas – Crochet Free Pattern


Hello my loves! We know that we are still far from Christmas, but nothing prevents you from starting to make some patterns for this very special date. This extra time before the date gives you more peace of mind to learn and test new patterns. If you sell your handcrafts, take the opportunity to test and already take a picture and share it with your closest friends, ask for their opinion.


The Night Before Christmas is a beautiful crochet pattern. In the traditional colors of that date, with the white background, the drawing of the reindeer and Santa Claus is highlighted in red. With this pattern you can make some pieces, cushion cover, table centerpiece, wall decoration. If you still don’t want to invest in materials for a Christmas pattern, use yarn leftovers from other patterns.

Even if they are different colors, it is always good to test the pattern. See if you adapt to the methodology and like the result. We know that whoever sells decoration items, at the end of the year it’s crazy, many orders on the same day and we almost can’t leave our studio. That’s why we always reinforce around here that it’s not too early to start thinking about such festive dates.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

If you haven’t crocheted yet, this could be your first patter. It’s not difficult or big, you can do it in a short time, which we’re sure will motivate you to keep wanting to learn more about this beautiful and versatile technique. The night before Christmas pattern is available on Ravelry. Suggestion of threads and crochet hook, and the step by step for you to be able to make all the rounds that make up this design.


Did you like it? Tell us everything here in the comments, we will be very happy to hear your opinion. If you already have any suggestions, what you want to learn, also comment her. We will look for it and bring it to you. We are very happy to see you here once again. It’s great to be able to learn so many beautiful things together. Now, shall we crochet?