A Day in May Spring Mystery Quilt


If you’re the type who loves romantic, warm and nostalgic decor, then you need to discover all the secrets of vintage style and start applying them today to your home. But what is vintage anyway? Vintage is a style that has become famous in fashion and decoration and refers to everything that was in the past, more precisely between the 1920s and 1980s. But be warned: don’t confuse retro with vintage. A vintage decor is also a retro decor, but a retro decor is not always a vintage decor. In today’s post you will learn more about this type of decoration and how to make a beautiful A Day in May Spring Mystery Quilt. Did you knot your head?


Calm down we explain to you. Vintage decoration is directly related to the pieces and objects that actually belonged to the past, that is, were produced and used at that time and, for one reason or another, have survived and continue to occupy their space in decoration for their beauty.

Free Available Pattern: A Day in May Spring Mystery Quilt

Already the retro decoration is formed by current objects produced with the appearance of furniture and appliances of old. That is, they are readings of the past, which leave that air of old in the environment without losing the air of modernity. However, the retro decoration allows new and old objects to share the same space, while an exclusively vintage decoration is made up only of old pieces, which can be restored or not.


Both decoration proposals have their upside and downside. In retro decoration, furniture and appliances are easier to find out there, besides having the technology of the products we have today, but in contrast, usually end up costing more than objects without this aesthetic appeal.

Vintage decor can come out for free even if you have home and family items from your grandparents’ time. However, if you don’t have anything like that you will need to spend time and money to dig pieces at thrift stores and antique shops, some of which can cost a small fortune, as this sort of thing is a bit hard to find.

When looking for vintage objects, keep in mind where the house will be decorated and how it will be complemented in the environment. You can invest in typewriters, wall clocks, appliances such as mixer and blender, armchairs, sofas, vinyl records, telephone sets, radio and TV. Just be careful not to overdo it by putting too many pieces in the room as this spoils the decor.

Also try to merge the proposals and add retro objects and vintages to the decoration at the same time, or use only what you have at hand giving that touch of discreet nostalgia to the environment. The nostalgic decoration proposal can be complemented by the use of the pastel palette, which were the predominant colors at that time. Use them on walls and cabinets, for example, even if they have a more modern line. Another tip is to invest in the DIY style for a cheap and personalized vintage decor. Youtube is full of ideas to inspire you, you can have a look there to start yours.

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