Texas Square Dance Quilt


Designing a modern double bedroom that harmonizes each person’s tastes and personalities is a very difficult task, but with very beautiful and surprising results! Not to be mistaken in style, the ideal is to look for what is new in the decoration market with the modern and cozy air for a double room.


In addition to setting the couple’s preferences, it is essential to analyze the space before starting the decoration. In today’s post we will talk about decoration and bring the pattern of a beautiful and delicate Texas Square Dance to help you.

Pay attention to colors and decorative objects that are harmonious, and opt for furniture that is proportionate to the environment. The ideal is to bet on wood panels that add beauty and that never go out of style.

Another point that deserves attention is the functionality! Large rooms can get a work corner, as well as a closet to make the room more distributed and organized. The intention is to unite beauty without taking the comfort that the room needs.


But calm down, with the right inspirations you can create your own double bedroom decorating project even with little money. And that’s exactly what we brought to you in this post.

These are decoration ideas for a small, simple, designed, beautiful and cozy double bedroom for you and your soul mate to lie down and rest, because after all, the bedroom is a place of security, privacy, rest and intimacy.

A modern room is not that difficult to decorate. It guarantees the functionality, simplicity and organization of the space and, for those who like this style, some basic rules are essential to ensure that the modern style will be contemplated. But after all, what is modern style? Is talking in a modern style different from talking in a contemporary style?

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The answer is yes and in this post we will talk a little about this style that still leaves many people in doubt, but that is easily recognizable from some characteristics. The modern decoration has attracted a lot of attention since it was used by modernist architects, with its innovation because it is based especially on the functionality of the environment, combined with an innovative and very beautiful design of the time.

When we think of this style, it is common to come to mind, for example, the use of various traditional materials such as concrete and wood, materials considered heavy and difficult to work in large buildings, with new cuts that allowed to create rounded patterns.

But those who shine in this environment are the straight line, so used in many directions to ensure a simplified design for furniture and decoration accessories that actually make the room beautiful and with a special touch.


Free Available Pattern: Texas Square Dance Quilt