Rocket Star Quilt


Decorating a small apartment can take the sleep of many who are about to move out. The measurements do not fit the size of the furniture found in stores and the feeling is that nothing will fit anywhere. But everything in this life has a solution, don’t despair. With some tips it is possible to perform real miracles and leave your small apartment with the face and comfort of a true palace. Want to see how? In this post you will find out. We’ll give you tips on how to make a cozy, comfortable and functional decor for your small home, and bring you the pattern of a beautiful and wonderful Rocket Star Quilt to help you decorate.


1. Light colors
It is not today that light colors are used to visually enlarge the spaces of the place, but with the emergence of smaller and smaller homes this trick has become a necessity. So, choose to keep light and neutral colors in the decoration of your apartment, I am sure you will love this style of color in your decoration.

Free Available Pattern: Rocket Star Quilt

The tip goes for both the color of the walls and the furniture. However, this does not prevent you from using a darker or more vibrant color for decoration if you wish, but for that you prefer just one wall or apply these shades in detail such as paintings, pillows or other decorative objects that can be used to help you with this. question.


2. Mirrors
Mirrors are unbeatable when it comes to visual range. They are best friends in small environments and, moreover, are highly decorative. You can use them on an entire wall, for example, or at specific points in the place, such as the wall behind the dining table or the wardrobe door. To make the environment look cleaner, prefer frameless mirrors.

3. Multipurpose furniture
Multipurpose furniture is a handy way to decorate. Sofas that transform into beds, beds with compartments under the mattress, folding tables and sofas, among other furniture can help you make the home more functional, organized and beautiful. Invest in them to optimize the space of your apartment. I’m sure you will love the result.

4. Leave the floor free
Put everything up and free as much as possible, the floor of unnecessary objects and furniture. An example is opting for a TV panel instead of using a rack. You can also replace bookshelves, sideboards and buffets with niches and shelves. Coffee tables and side tables can also be discarded from the decoration without major damage. With the free floor the floor area increases and the apartment is more comfortable and functional than it looks.

5. Sliding Doors
As far as possible, replace traditional doors with sliding doors. They do not take up space and leave the walls free for other purposes. For cabinets, the concept is the same.
Integrate the environments. Integrated environments favor small spaces. Make the possibility of making structural changes to your apartment to achieve this effect. The most commonly integrated environments are balconies with living room and / or living room, kitchen and dining room, which are spaces that are widely used in everyday life. There is also the possibility of integrating them all. If you have any unused rooms, consider removing the walls and gaining even more space for the integrated area. Just be sure to level the floor between the environments.

6. Bespoke
Designed furniture is the best option for small apartments. Yes, they tend to be more expensive, however it is a very worthwhile investment and brings you benefits in decorating. With them, you make the most of the space, and you can also choose the cupboards and divisions of the cabinets to best organize and accommodate your things.

7. Organizers
Bet on organizers to make your apartment tidier. Organized environments are nicer and appear to be much larger than they really are. Baskets, holders, hooks are all welcome and may or may not be on display. There are models that fit inside the cabinet doors, unburdening the object environment.

8. Lighting
This item is very important to help visually enlarge the environments. If you have windows, great, use and abuse the natural light they provide to the environment. If you have few or no windowed environments, invest in an artificial lighting project that will do the trick. Remember that white lights illuminate better than yellow, so leave them for environments that need a feeling of comfort and warmth, such as balconies and TV rooms.

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