Charm-ing Army Star Medallion


Hello friends, I bring today a pattern of our world of handicraft from the history of America, in this work called star of the exercise. This story has already been shown throughout the history of quilts. The medallion was made with a charm package and pays homage to those who helped shape America with its service. 


This quilt also has a special meaning for me. We have to pay homage to the work of the army through our work. It’s so good to make new standards and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the results! There are some really fantastic patterns out there so definitely look for different ideas.

I will leave for you the free standard of step by step, enjoy and good work. Whether you decorate your home or as a gift to someone, or someone who works in the army or the family, it will be something very special for them. This quilt / design finishes in 20 “x 20”.

Necessary materials:


1- Pondicherry Charm Pack (or use Squares of 42-5 “assorted colors)
1/2 yard 13529 153 Indian blue

1 / 6th Yard 13783 16 Indian Red

1/6 yard muslin

Pattern Free ☛ Army Star Medallion ☚