Point V Stitch Crochet Blanket


Today we are going to talk about Point V. It is an ideal point for any fabric, since it is neither very closed nor very open, and the best is a quick point, it has maintained base points, so it is ideal for beginners. The V-point is also one of the most viewed and made in the world, leaving a unique and fabulous effect on any piece you weave. Today we will learn this wonderful crochet point, which has left many breezes enchanted. Although I have seen places where it is called granite moss point. It is a point appreciated by crochet for being super simple.


 Used for bedspreads, sofa covers, baby blankets, cushion covers .. in the end the result is simply beautiful and rewarding, it is an incentive for beginners.

It can also be used as a way to make two-point increases when weaving in the point bar, because instead of knitting 3 points on the same base point, we weave 1 point and a chain.

At the next point lap one in each of the points of the previous lap and a point in space is a fabric of strings.


I leave you a chart of this pattern and a video tutorial below to better understand, seeing as doing is better and easier than reading the step by step of this pattern of the V. Intense work, use your favorite colors and hope you like.


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