Charming Shells Doily Free Crochet Pattern


We all know that colors are high in interior decoration, but it is important to remember that the colors of the environment can interfere with our health and behavior. See how to use chromotherapy well in interior decoration. In this post we will see more about this subject and you can make a beautiful Charming Shells Doily.


Preference for a specific color is a personal matter, but its use in decoration, or through light baths, can generate quite satisfactory results, either in health or even in mood, say the chromotherapists, so remember this.

Painting walls, pictures, cushions or colorful decoration objects, in contrast to neutral elements (such as floor, sofa or table) give a very fun and cheerful touch to the environment in question and allow you to make changes in a very simple way: when you get sick, change everything is easier and cheaper, just replace the decoration items.

Also on the rise, is the reuse of antique furniture, restored with a touch of color in colored lacquer to decorate your environment. It is very fun, giving a special charm to the place.

Image By Kristines Crochets

Another interesting option, and more accessible nowadays, is the led lighting with multicolored lamps, easy to install and handle, they help a lot. Changing colors can be done via remote control, even automatically. For very stressful days, an excellent option for relaxation.


To make good choices about the use of colors in your home decor, consider the meaning of some of them, according to chromotherapy: Red: Red should be used with caution, remember this. It is linked to sexuality and eroticism, but it can cause nervousness and anxiety, precisely because it provokes intense stimuli and stimulates the nervous system.

Orange: Orange is a vibrant, cheerful color. It is associated with antidepressant effects, rejuvenation, metabolism and digestive system activation, which is great. Excesses can cause elevated blood pressure. Yellow: Yellow influences dynamism and the capacity for expression, which can cause distractions and make it difficult to focus on attention. This color is associated with personal power and satisfaction.

Green: Green is a tranquilizing color, with influences on balance and physical health. This color is associated with nature and therefore can cause feelings of well-being, which can help you a lot. Blue: Blue is a relaxing color. It can be used in moments of meditation and stillness, and can cause a reduction in blood pressure. Violet: violet favors concentration and has positive effects on self-esteem. It is very much related to spirituality.

Free Crochet Pattern: Charming Shells Doily

Image By Kristines Crochets

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