Color Mixing Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Retro, different from Vintage, is a style that makes a retrospective rereading of old characteristics, applied in graphic language, in products and environments. How to differentiate retro style from vintage? This is a good example: a decorative object launched now, but with characteristics of the past is Retro. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Color Mixing Baby Blanket.


That object inherited from grandma that will be used to decorate your home is Vintage. Given this basic differentiation, let’s think about how to put together a beautiful retro decor for your home. It can be a rug, a cushion, a curtain, a closet, a sofa, any piece can be used, just think about the composition of the environment as a whole.

In the kitchen, the main item that represents this style is the refrigerator (in the retro model), usually colored in vibrant tones (red or yellow) that refer to how refrigerators used to be. This piece, along with other colorful appliances, will make the environment more fun.

In the decoration of the room, we can count on a single piece of furniture to mark the retro style, such as a coffee table or a sideboard, which are objects that besides decorating help in the organization. To highlight these furniture, we can work the whole environment with more neutral tones and use warm colors only in that item of furniture.


In the dorms, an option is to use a wallpaper with old prints, or even a bed with old characteristics, contrasting with the rest of the more modern environment. Like any decoration proposal, it will depend on the customer’s taste and needs, remember this.

The bathroom can be worked with a countertop, or even a wooden cabinet, with old characteristics, for example, using the light blue and carefully done in the dishes.

The key words are creativity and boldness, they will help you a lot. This style can be combined, for example, with a more modern, contemporary style.

The charm and simplicity of this mixture result in a harmonious, balanced and very beautiful environment. An object that is returning with everything, as a functional decoration item, is the record player.

Today’s record players play vinyl records and also have a USB port, making them typically retro objects.

Free Crochet Pattern: Color Mixing Baby Blanket