Circle on Square Crochet Blanket


If you’ve been watching the latest trends or just like window shopping, you may have noticed that the Circle on Square Crochet Blanket is on the rise again among crochet lovers. This happens from time to time, but anyone who works or enjoys crochet and knitting crafts knows that crochet does not need to be on the catwalk to be used. For year-round crocheting, you can opt for a one-piece stitch, such as a blanket that goes well on its own. A Square Crochet Blanket for the cold is a good idea and it is best that you can make your own pieces, in any size and color you want.


So we have prepared a guide with some crochet stitches for blankets and especially Circle on Square Crochet, from the most basic to the fancy stitches that give a different effect on the piece.

Square Granny Crochet, a wonderful and different work that must be done calmly and has an incredibly beautiful result. In the decoration of the room, it can leave the atmosphere cheerful and romantic, as well as very delicate.

It is very worth making pieces of this type that makes us super proud of our crafts skills. This kind of work really takes more time and more material, but its result is beautiful and worth all the dedication to it.


Gradually the beauty of the piece will appear and will make the decoration of the room much more beautiful, delicate and cozy.

It can be completed using the flowers to compose other pieces like carpet and pillows to match in your decoration with this beautiful blanket.

=> Go To The Tutorial: Circle in Square Granny Pattern

Go To The Tutorial: Circle in Square Granny Pattern