Circle in Square Granny Pattern


This tutorial is simple and has a very nice square result. It is worth investing in crafts like this to make up your products for sale. These pieces with colorful and delicate details draw the attention of anyone for their beauty and delicacy. The pieces made of squares are drawing even more attention for their beauty and making a big hit in craft sales. Crochet squares are also called granny square. They are beautiful, delicate and easy to make. In general they have a design in the center that helps to give a special style to the work


 It may seem difficult but it is not and will give you a spectacular result, believe me.When you do your job you often have many doubts about how it is the best way to do a perfect job.

But with love and patience it is possible to do amazing work.


Image By: diyfashionhub

Here The Materials You’ll Need:


  • J crochet hook
  • Vanna’s Choice yarn rust


  • C – Chain
  • SS- Slip Stitch
  • DC – Double Crochet


Image By: diyfashionhub

Allow a generous tail. C four and SS into the first C to create a circle. This will be the center of your circle.Ss into the middle of

your circle, then C two this will be your first “double crochet”C again. DC + C eleven more times. You should have twelve DC and twelve C. To complete your circle, SS into the first DC Post.Tie new yarn color to an existing small circle. Turn your circle around for the next step. SS into the first C to your left. Now you can SS into the C Space.

This completes changing the color of your yarn seamlessly. Now let’s get started on the second level of your circle.Chain three to make a fake “DC” post. Two DC in the next C Space, then C. Repeat all the way around your circle. SS into your first DC Post (the fake one) to complete your circle.

Add a new color to your circle to complete the third level. Tie a new color to the back. SS into the C to the left of your hook. SS again into the C Space.C three, then two DC into the same C Space. C one.DC three times into next C Space. C one. Repeat all the way around your circle.

Complete by SS into the first fake “DC“. Now let’s make the edging to turn this circle into a square. Okay, tie a new color to the back, SS into the C to the left of your hook. SS again into the CS. C three (fake double crochet post) one DC into same C Space. Chain one.

Two DC into SAME C Space. C one. Repeat in next C Space.This makes a side of your square. Now let’s move on to the first corner of your square.Wrap yarn around twice to begin your first Treble Crochet. Two Treble Crochets in next Chain Space. Chain two. Two Treble Crochets in SAME Chain Space, then Chain one. Your first corner is complete.

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Images And Step By Step Provided By: diyfashionhub