Coastal Redwood Super Scarf


The crochet scarf is an incredible and very practical alternative to the traditional knitting scarf. You can match it to any look you like and keep it warm in winter with versatility and style in an easy way. You can make the crochet scarf very simply at home and it is an amazing way to present a close friend or a loved one. Get ready for winter with the tutorials of this beautiful and amazing scarf we brought.


Taking a few minutes of your day to make a nice crochet scarf can turn into a great hobby. And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make this piece simple and elegant. In this tutorial, you learn how to make a mega-practical and versatile scarf, perfect for keeping warm on cold days.

Free Pattern Available: Coastal Redwood Super Scarf

The crochet scarf is found at the coldest times of the year worldwide. There are models so beautiful and distinctive, such as the scarf with crochet flowers, that people who do not crochet can not imagine that it is a piece made entirely and only with crochet. It’s really amazing everything crochet gives us, isn’t it?


In terms of colors you can bet on whatever you want, even in very colorful scarves, if you like vibration or for children who, incidentally, can also win cute models with nice animals. This year you can invest in a beautiful and distinctive crochet scarf instead of the traditional knitting scarf. Bet on the most different models, very cute, to warm and differentiate your look, like the one we brought, in this beautiful and elegant red that can match many looks.

Impossible not to love the crochet scarf! Everyone has at least one in the closet and usually remembers it on those colder days of winter or fall. But did you know that it is a super fashion accessory that can make you much more stylish? In addition to warming up the body, it gives an extra charm to the look you want. Come with us to do this beautiful thing!

If you love to vary the accessories when assembling the look, know that there is a huge variety of crochet scarf designs, with different stitches, thread types and styles, you will have fun doing yours!

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