Crochet Puff V Stitch


In winter the temperatures drop and that rain comes, these days nothing better than spending time in the coziness of your home, right? With that in mind, this week we are preparing a special post, so you learn how to make a beautiful and delicate crochet blanket that not only keeps your family warm in this cooler season of the year, but can also be a key piece in decorating your bedroom. or room.


Using blankets on armchairs, beds or sofas, make the environment more pleasant conveying that feeling of comfort and well-being where you are. After all, it is the small details in the decoration that contribute to a more cozy and pleasant environment. Follow the “handmade” trend and make bright and colorful pieces.

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Are you the kind of person who likes to alternate the decor of your home? And one always wonders how to avoid spending a lot of money when decorating? We have a great solution for you to make your home more stylish and presentable, are the crochet blankets, they leave the environment with another face, and the best thing is that you can do it yourself and leave your home without having to spend a lot of money.

Crochet blanket is widely used in European countries, as it is a very useful accessory for decoration, not to mention that it is very useful when you lower the temperature of the air conditioner to feel that cold that everyone loves.


You may have seen in some movies those blankets thrown on the sofa and wondered if it would look great in your room decor. Want to know how to make a crochet blanket? Follow the tutorial we make available to you.

The cool thing about this blanket is that you can follow this pattern and alternate colors by adding flowers, so you will have several models and will always be able to change the decoration of your environment. Come on, let’s make this beautiful blanket for your home. Look at these beautiful colors and flowers.

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