Colorful Shells Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Colorful Shells Blanket with beautiful colorful details that give this piece a colorful, happy and fun touch. Perfect for decorating the bedroom of young girls or babies in beautiful cheerful tones.


A differentiated work that is highly appreciated by the artisans in the art of crochet because it leaves the work with a magnificent, fun and beautiful highlight.

With little material this beautiful crochet piece can be made with some ease following the explanation of the tutorial available in this post, just pay attention.

The color chosen here for this blanket is just a suggestion to choose the one that best fits the decor of the environment where you will place it, which will surely be wonderful.


Crochet is a technique that can result in wonderful works that become the highlight of the house due to the delicacy and the special finish that also gives a more animated look. Beautiful and very well worked to make any environment in which it is used very special.

In fact, the most suitable for this wonder could be the bedroom, for example, since we are talking about a blanket. Surely it had become much more cozy. It can become one of your standout pieces to offer your customers because it is sure to be very successful.

The colors here are just suggestions and can be changed according to your taste and what suits your decor. Thank you for visiting our blog. We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? By carefully following the tutorial tips shared here you can make this beautiful piece for your home.

  • DESIGNED by Premier Yarns
  • PROJECT TYPE baby blanket
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL upper beginner

Free Pattern Available: Colorful Shells Crochet Blanket