Crochet Angles Throw


The pastel tones are here to stay. With light, soft and delicate shades, the pastel colors guarantee a warm, clean and fresh touch to the decorated environments, and because of that, the pastel shades are widely used to decorate baby’s rooms, children’s rooms, rooms or even for anyone who wants a calmer and more delicate style for home environments. And thinking about you who love the decor pastel colors, we made this post with inspiring tips to use these colors in your environments and ensure a more calm and cozy style for your home in addition to a tutorial on how to make a beautiful Crochet Angles Throw. Check out!


What are pastels?
Well, before I start talking about decorating with the pastel color palette, it’s important to better understand what pastel colors are, isn’t it? Well, pastel colors get their name because their color is similar to the chalks used in school and nowadays the pastel color palette is super popular in the world of fashion, decoration and even stationery, believe me, using these shades in the decor is super trendy.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Angles Throw

The main characteristic of the pastel colors is in their very light and soft hue of various colors such as pink, blue, yellow among others, and these pastel colors guarantee a very cozy and soft touch to the decor, and with the trend of minimalism the pastel tones they are becoming more and more popular, whether in decoration or other things, as these colors harmonize a lot with this style. Nowadays there are also those who call pastel colors candy colors, that is, colors of sweets, because the pastel colors have colors similar to several sweets and treats like cotton candy and marshmallow, the colors are delicious.


Decor in pastel colors
If you are thinking of investing in decorating with the pastel color palette know that this idea is excellent, after all, they can be used in all environments of the house, from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, balconies and even the bathroom, in addition, by investing in pastel tones decoration you guarantee a super cozy atmosphere, better lighting and with a very soft and delicate style that harmonizes both with classic, retro or even modern decor and gives a super comfortable touch to the place.

There are many ways to use pastel colors in your environment, you can use the pastel color palette through colorful furniture, decorative items like pillows, paintings, blankets and curtains, or if you prefer, you can even use pastel colors for walls using both paint and wallpaper in pastel colors, everything will depend on your style proposal for the room. Another very important tip regarding decorating pastels is that you don’t need to invest in just one of the colors of that shade, you can do a decoration using pastels of various colors such as yellow, green, pink, blue, among others, because the colors are clear and soft it is very easy to combine them with each other and not overburden the environment, so think carefully because of the thousands of options.

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