Granny Stripes Color-Burst Blanket


Widely used outdoors, especially around the pool, the wooden deck brings warmth and beauty to any place where it is applied. The beauty of the natural material values ​​and gives more life to the place, in addition to providing thermal comfort to those who walk on the wooden deck. Are you also a fan of this architectural element and want to have one in your home? Then know the types, advantages and maintenance tips of the wooden deck. In addition, of course, to learn how to make a beautiful, incredible, elegant and wonderful Granny Stripes Color-Burst Blanket. There are basically two types of wooden decks: the modular wooden deck and the traditional one.


Modular wooden deck. There are two models of modular wooden decking to decorate your outdoor area like a backyard or a balcony, which are the most popular places to place a wooden deck. One of them has a base made of rubber structure with “male-female” fitting and the other is the mini deck, a pre-made piece formed by panels or wooden rulers.

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The modular wooden deck, whether with the rubber structure or the mini deck, simplifies the installation, which eliminates the need to hire professionals to do it. This, in the end, reduces the cost and allows the creation of a beautiful small leisure area without spending a lot and your home is elegantly modern. Traditional wooden deck. As you may already imagine, the traditional deck is formed by wooden rulers, that is, by unique, separate pieces. The installation of this model is more laborious and requires a professional and the hardwoods, such as Ipê, Itaúba and Jatobá, are the most recommended.


Advantages of the wooden deck
The advantages of the wooden deck are several, but we have separated some main ones to mention, such as: Can be used over other coverings; It has a quick assembly; Provides thermal comfort; It has a lower cost than athermic cementitious floors; It has a sophisticated look. Installation and maintenance of the wooden deck. The swimming pool with wooden deck is something that many people want at home. However, for this, it is important to know how this element is installed and maintained.

To install the wooden deck, the first step is to plan. Only then will you know the measures to know exactly how many rulers or modules will be needed for your wooden deck. In order to ensure conservation, it is important to know that wood decking woods are usually already treated, so you will only need to do maintenance after one year – and then annually. To maintain the wooden deck with varnish, it will be necessary to scrape and apply the product again, this way everything will go as planned. However, if using stain, this is unnecessary. Both the varnish and the stain do not come out with water, but the latter also keeps away insects and fungi and blocks UV rays, which is great. In addition, it penetrates and is absorbed by the wooden deck, which is very positive.

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