Easy DIY Modern Star Baby Quilt


Thinking about decorating your home goes beyond planning the colors of your bedroom or living room. External areas also require attention, and quilt can help with that. Do you want to change the look of the external area and have doubts about how to do this, you don’t know how? In this post, we’ll talk more about it and you can make a beautiful Easy DIY Modern Star baby quilt.


Quilt is something incredible, it can be done in many ways, with different shapes, colors, details and more, which makes it a very versatile, creative and incredible art.

Versatile, with a variety of colors and shapes, good resistance and more affordable prices, quilt is very popular and is sought when decorating an environment to make it look like new.

However, be careful not to make mistakes when decorating your environment, be sure to make quilts that match the elements present in the environment.


The quilt will help you to give a more unique and special touch to the environment besides leaving it with your face, which gives that personality to the environment and makes it very beautiful, because crochet can have several shapes

Drainage floor – used in constantly wet areas, this type of floor avoids the creation of puddles and drains water from the floor to the floor, which is incredible. Non-slip and less harmful to the environment, it is a great option to avoid accidents in traffic areas, and nothing is better than a quilt rug to decorate this floor.

You can use a rug that has the same color as the floor, for example, which helps a lot. Wooden floor – Using floors for outdoor areas of treated wood can be a good option for damp areas, the material is porous and easy to maintain, and can also be combined with a beautiful quilt.

Free Pattern Available: Easy DIY Modern Star Baby Quilt