Stripy Texture Motif Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


We saw a crochet blanket in shades of white with a touch of blue that was designed for a 5 year old boy. As the environment is very small, all the furniture, including the single bed, was placed against the wall, leaving the central circulation free. In this post, we’ll see more about it and you can make a beautiful blanket with motifs with striped texture.


The headboard panel was also made in white Formica, with striped fabric also in shades of blue and white, to “stretch” the right foot of the environment, which helped a lot and can be a great combination with crochet.

On the wall where the LCD TV is installed, some lacquer niches were used, which are great. It was the blue in the niches to highlight, in contrast to the white Formica and match the blanket present on the bed. The box bed leaning against the panel saves space and frees circulation, in addition to making the room more spacious.

On the study bench, which has crochet baskets, there are drawers with a pit underneath, taking advantage of all the spaces, which also helps a lot. At the bottom of the bench, there is a panel with an access door, which hides all the wiring.


At the top, there is also a niche in blue lacquer with a beautiful amigurumi and a magnetic panel to put photos and messages, amusing the child and giving a more fun touch to the environment. The transparent acrylic chair helps to enlarge the environment and does not block the view. Another feature to expand the space is the closet with sliding doors.

On the side of the closet, niches with little depth were designed for the collection of strollers and amigurumi, making the look lighter, more fun and more decorative, as requested by the customer. White formica is a very good and resistant material for children, while lacquer is also very resistant, but at a higher cost, in addition to chipping with ease, so remember this well.

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Free Pattern Available: Stripy Texture Motif Blanket